What is Full Grain Leather, Genuine Leather & Vintage Leather ?


Full Grain Leather, Genuine Leather and Vintage Leather: which is which?

This is a question that comes up quite often among shoppers of high-end leather goods.

To answer this question, let’s see what each term means as we dive into the differences between them.


Full Grain Leather


When it comes to leather, most people think of one thing: Luxury.

Full Grain Leather is the strongest, durable, long-lasting, most natural and beautiful form of leather on the market today.

The term full grain refers to the outermost layer of the hide, also known as the "Top Grain'.

But wait, does that mean the full grain leather & top grain are exactly the same thing?

Well, the simply answer is NO! not the same, and here’s why.

Simply, in full grain leather, all the imperfections are in its natural state, it's still visible and clear to see on the leather surface.

When altered and sanded down to hide the imperfections, it’s called “Top Grain”.

Sanding the hide makes it weaker and the leather loses some character.

However, it does have its uses, but it’s not as durable as a full grain leather.


Here’s an example to explain the difference:

When the bison gets some scars or little scratches on the hide caused by a barbed wire fence, then it’s full grain leather.

Because it shows the natural state of texture, marbling and variety of colour to come through fully.

If altered and sanded down to hide the scar & scratches, it’s called “Top Grain”.

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Genuine Leather


So basically, genuine leather is the purest type of leather in the market, right?!

Well, SURPRISE !! Wrong again.

The meaning of genuine leather has changed through the years-

and the development of market requirements, supply and demand.

Almost everything that is leather is included under the name of genuine leather, such as cowhide, buffalo, bison, etc.

And this may be one of the biggest secrets in this industry.


So how is genuine leather made?

By bonding together and gluing several layers of lower quality full grain leather, or even any scrap leather such as a pig leather.

Then sanding, painting to give the look of a higher quality leather.


The disadvantages- or let’s say, the difference between genuine leather & full grain leather is the quality.

The quality in genuine leather is less resilience, durability and sheen.

It’s a good choice for people who’s buying leather products and wants to look stylish & to save money-

at the same time by pretending its high quality of full grain leather.


And trust us, once you go full grain leather, you will never go back for less.


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Vintage Leather


Simply the vintage leather & full grain leather are exactly the same type.

Except you can call it vintage when it’s older by 20 to 100 years.

If the leather is older than 100 years, then it called “antique”.

The price of vintage leather goods is a bit higher than full grain. because it has historical & aging value as an advantage,

plus it’s in good condition, resilience, durability and sheen.

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