9 Affordable Genuine Leather Bags For Men & Women Under 200$


Leather products are the runway's hottest fashion item.

Besides its unique vintage heritage, genuine leather has become trendy in the last few years,

because of its durability and its ability to have an enduring WOW effect on whoever sees it.

Definitely genuine leather can add to the bags, and almost anything, the "Class" & "Chic" factor.

And we- Kudu Crafts, are here to help you to decide which bag is good for you,

with an affordable price and best quality.

But before we start the list, let us clarify this.


Why Are Leather Bags So Expensive?


Leather goods & materials have a unique manufacturing process.

It requires a lot of focus from workmanship and careful attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Any errors happen during the manufacturing process, then all the work must be restarted all again.

Not to mention the loss of material during the manufacturing process.

It's not easy to deal with the very heavy nature of the leather.

To make something out of leather, it requires specialized equipment and experience from the craftsmen.


Is All Leather the Same Type?


The simple answer is NO, not the same type.

It has Full Grain Leather, Top Grain, Vintage and different varieties according to-

the raw material type durability, long-longevity difference etc.

Make sure to pass through this article, it will save time and give you quick-

highlights of the Difference between Full Grain Leather vs. Genuine Leather vs. Vintage Leather.


How is Crafting Process?


Crafting a leather product requires certain steps and stages to obtain a product of high quality without defects.

The inclusive and time-taking development process consists in-

tanning, curing, fleshing, soaking, painting, liming, etc.

But on condition of having a strong infrastructure, adequate sanitation facilities, and an efficient water disposal system.

Keep in mind that handmade leather products are considered more luxurious and valuable.

Since they require craftsmanship, very high precision, and great experience.


How is Tanning made?


New leather is often light colored because it hasn't been processed or tanned.

Tanning is a complex process of treating the skins and hides of animals to produce leather.

It begins by soaking the hide in a solution that helps to prevent it from decay and makes it water resistant.

There are no chemicals used in the process and it involves five general components:

preparatory stages, tanning, liquor preparation, tanning itself, dyeing and finishing.

Leather tanning isn't a one-step process, but rather a series of treatments.


9 Leather Bags For Men and Women Under 200$


1. Clerk Satchel


Our vintage-style and lightweight Clerk satchel is a genuine cow leather.
An ideal working environment bag for a documents, laptops, books and study bags,-

with the ability to accommodate up to a 14" laptop.

It gives you the vibe of a hard-working and ambition.


2. Calimero Vintage Briefcase


The Calimero Vintage Briefcase is made of genuine cow leather, with a vintage look.

A 14" laptop or office bag at home, it can also be used for travel.

This versatile bag will age naturally and acquire a beautiful patina.

We recommend this briefcase for professionals and travellers alike for-

an easy-to-use and classic piece of luggage.


3. Walter Leather Messenger


Our WALTER leather shoulder bag, the perfect carry-all for professionals and students alike.

This handmade bag is made from premium cowhide leather and cotton lining,-

which gives it a smooth touch and an elegant look.

It has an adjustable shoulder strap that can be used to wear it as a messenger or cross-body bag.

The large capacity will hold your 15'' laptop & documents, with ample space for your essentials.


4. The Comrade Duffle Bag


A duffle bag that allows you to carry your shoes in the same bag as your belongings and clothing.

The Comrade Duffle Bag is made of cowhide leather and has a unique design inspired by the American style bag.

Its interior is lined with polyester cotton that adds durability, strength and comfort to the product.


5.The Classic Duffle Bag


Our Classic Duffle Bag is a versatile travel companion and so much more.

Whether your jet-setting to your favorite international destination or just across the city,

this rugged and waterproof bag has you covered.

Capable of holding up to 50 litters of your favorite clothes and gear, the Classic Duffle is perfect for any occasion—

from an afternoon at the beach to a long weekend on the road.


6. Olivia Heritage Tote

Olivia Heritage Tote Bag is a perfect everyday bag for women.

It features genuine cow leather and bucket shape for casual retro- and yet - modern and stylish look,

plus spacious tote bag design for you to hold all your stuffs.

With an open top closure, it has all the space you'll need for your daily essentials.

This bucket shape tote bag will make you feel young, energetic and modern.


7. The Premium Rucksack Backpack


This backpack is made with the finest cowhide leather and can be worn as a casual or business backpack.

It's roomy enough to carry your laptop, books, tablet or all of your daily essentials while still looking great.

This bag will age gracefully over time and has been carefully designed to provide you with many years of reliable use.


8. Renzo Vintage Backpack


This backpack is a great option if you're looking for a timeless piece that can take you from morning commute through the workday and beyond.

Built with high-quality materials and featuring multiple compartments.

This bag will impress at your next meeting or event, while keeping your laptop and everything else in place.


9. Belt Rucksack Backpack


One of the highest quality backpacks!!

The Belt Rucksack Backpack is an authentic vintage genuine leather backpack.

Suitable for both daily and business use, with roomy main section to fit a 15-inch laptop,

plus additional pockets and compartments for accessories.

This bag is simple vintage rucksack but very stylish. It looks great on everyone!

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